Saturday, 19 April 2014

I love tea..

I can not imagine a day without tea. As a gift, my very special friend Delila sent me herbal teas that were handcrafted with a lot of love by an inspiring lady called Lindsey Luna. Lindsey has one of my favourite
instagrams; it´s about floating blooms in handmade teacups and about hearing the stars sing. Inspiring things like that.

I received the teas in a jute string bag. The little tea boxes are so beautiful to look at; they are almost like tiny works of art in themselves. Tonight I was drinking one of them called Nectar Moon.

What are your favourite teas? Except for Lindsey Luna´s teas I also love to drink organic tea by Clipper Teas. Especially their white tea with orange and their Rooibos tea. Another favourite tea of mine is a Guardian Angel herbal tea by German Sonnentor. Now I am going to sit down in my old sofa of red velvet and sip some tea and plan for my upcoming adventures in life.

The Sun of Man

"I spin around forever and I hope to land some day... The Sun of Man will feed me in a very special way..."

You can see me in a music video to a pretty beautiful song by Elizabeth Punzi & The Mushroom Cloud... The video is on the topic of dreams and the dream world. And the song is an anthem on the power of imagination.  

Thursday, 17 April 2014

A blue fairy ring..


Yesterday I saw a ring of blue flowers. And I thought that it must be a fairy ring... What else could it really be? I did not dare to step into the ring though, since I have heard all those stories about what happens if one steps into a fairy ring. But still it was beautiful to find a fairy ring! And if there is actually a human who planted these flowers in a circle shape, it must me someone with a lovely fairy imagination... someone who once upon a time maybe even stepped into a fairy ring herself to be captured by the world of faery... and when she came back to the world of humans, she couldn´t resist creating fairy rings in nature... Or maybe she co-operated with the fae to create this blue fairy ring. 

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The world is full om magic..

"The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper". This quote is by the poet WB Yeats and it is a favourite quote of mine. This miniature antique photo and the dried nature specimens I received as a gift from Delila, a friend very close to my heart. I think these are some magical little things...

Delila also gave me a tea crystal to put in the tea pot while brewing tea. But first one should place the crystal in the moonlight during the night hours. I keep the crystal and the natural specimens in a tiny antique box that I bought in a village in England when I visited Delila last year. The box is for nectar tea. I can imagine nectar tea to be the kind of tea that elves like to drink! When I open the little box I feel the wonderful scents of the natural specimens.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

In the flea markets..

I found some lovely things when visiting some local flea markets.. This Art Nouveau miniature frame I will use to make a necklace. I will put a beautiful little antique photograph inside the frame and hang it from chain and strands of beads.

I couldn´t resist this tiny spoon. It will be used when I have my tea. There is something about the slight Art Nouveau curves of the pattern that are pretty adorable. And the spoon is a bit doll-like.

Some other things that I bought...The green necklace I will take apart so that I can use the green beads individually when making necklaces. I love that particular green colour, it makes me think about moss and little creatures that live in the forest... The perfume flask I purchased because it makes me think of elves and Tolkien. I will remove the strand of beads that it hangs from though; those beads look far too cheap and new for my taste.

This brooch so much represents times gone by. It says something like "Resting home for the Swedish railwaymen" and it´s from year 1911. Definately an item that works as a reminder of a Sweden long gone.

I have a love for antique photographs, so I was happy to find this one in a flea market. The picture with the little girl holding a branch with leaves is now a favourite in my collection of old photos. There is something about the atmosphere here that I think is pretty magical.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

A necklace with Frida Kahlo

I love it when someone asks me to create a special necklace for them. Last week Lycke asked me if I could make a necklace with a Frida Kahlo picture pendant for her. Since Frida Kahlo is a woman she admires a lot. Looking around for Frida Kahlo-pictures, I found this photo where she is wearing beautiful shades of blue and pink. Today I finished the necklace, putting the picture behind glass and adding a blue bead, and now it is on its way to Lycke.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

A sleepy little village..

Today I have been visiting Malmköping, a sleepy little village in the countryside south of Stockholm. This is a place that seems very isolated and far away from the big world. I could almost hear the sound of quietness while walking around on the streets. In some ways I love a place like this. But I think I would  feel like a very lonely and isolated girl if I lived here.

This is a very dear friend of mine, Christel. In Malmköping we visited a café, Cafe Ottilia, that is one of the loveliest cafes I have ever been to. It is owned by a mother and daughter and it´s the kind of place that almost doesn´t exist any more; there is no music played, everything is cheap and the cakes are truly homemade. 

There were some antique shops here, but since it was such a sleepy village, most of them closed so early that we didn´t get there in time. I was happy to be able to wear my 1950´s yellow spring coat that I bought in etsy some years ago.

But it didn´t matter that much that the antique shops were closed. Because there were flowers everywhere! February and March were very hard months for me, because of the darkness. Now when the light and and the life in nature comes back, I almost feel as if I am reborn.

Malmköping is an idyllic village, with old, pretty houses and flowers everywhere. So it was lovely to walk around here. But I did realise that part of me is a city girl too. I just like to be able to go to the shop and buy my favourite organic, non-artificial, animal-friendly candy! I guess I need the city as well as the countryside and the pretty little villages. I am very glad that I can have all of that; I don´t really need to choose. I can spend my days in the countryside when I want to, going to pretty places and visiting the woods. And when I want to, I can visit my friends who live in the cities and go to the thrift shops there.